title2.png Take (Bamboo)
         - made by Sakai craftmen -

This series is made of Shirogami Steel which has been widely loved by professional chefs in Japan due to its sharp edge & easy resharpening.
Careful grinding & edging on the blade done by Sakai craftemen are far superior than hochoes from other companies and users can notice big difference between this and others by using both of those actually. The handle is made of Ho Wood in the chestnut shape with ferrule made of water buffalo horn. 
This series is ranked in the middle class among Minonokuni Yamahide Hochoes. 

   Blade: Shirogami Steel(White Steel)
   Finish: Kasumi 
   Handle: Ho Wood
   Ferrule: Water Buffalo Horn
   Signature: 美濃國山秀作之 Minonokuni Yamahide Saku

  • Blade: Shirogami Steel(White Steel)
  • Finish: Kasumi
  • Handle: Ho Wood
  • Ferrule: Water Buffalo Horn
  • Signature: 美濃國山秀作之 Minonokuni Yamahide Saku


竹 Take Deba Kasumi Series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1550 Take Deba,135mm JPY17,000
#1551 Take Deba,150mm JPY19,750
#1552 Take Deba,165mm JPY21,750
#1553 Take Deba,180mm JPY24,250
#1554 Take Deba,195mm JPY28,000
#1555 Take Deba,210mm JPY31,250
#1556 Take Deba,225mm JPY37,500
#1557 Take Deba,240mm JPY45,500

竹 Take Yanagiba Kasumi Series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1558 Take Yanagiba,210mm JPY19,000
#1559 Take Yanagiba,240mm JPY20,250
#1560 Take Yanagiba,270mm JPY24,250
#1561 Take Yanagiba,300mm JPY30,250
#1562 Take Yanagiba,330mm JPY38,000
#1563 Take Yanagiba,360mm JPY50,500

竹 Take Usuba Kasumi Series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1579 Take Usuba,180mm JPY23,000
#1580 Take Usuba,210mm JPY28,500
#1581 Take Usuba,225mm JPY32,250
#1582 Take Usuba,240mm JPY39,500

竹 Take Kama-Usuba Kasumi Series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1583 Take Kama-Usuba,180mm JPY23,000
#1584 Take Kama-Usuba,210mm JPY28,500
#1585 Take Kama-Usuba,225mm JPY32,250
#1586 Take Kama-Usuba,240mm JPY39,500
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