title2.png 松  Matsu (Pine tree)
         - made by Craftmen in Sakai -

Hitachi Aogami Steel has been chosen for the blade material, which has highest reputation among professional chefs for its sharpness on blade and long life of sharpness. The handle is made of Ho wood, which is easy to grip, and finished in Octagonal shape with water buffalo horn ferrule.

All the knives are shipped with wooden sheath in the exact size fitting. This is the Hocho we wish to reccomend to all the chefs who are looking for a cooking knife with highest sharpness of the blade, being upper class cooking knife among Minonokuni Yamahide Knives.

  • Blade : Aogami Steel(Blue Steel)
  • Finish: Hon Kasumi
  • Handle: Octagonal Ho Wood
  • Ferrule: Water Buffalo Horn    
  • Signature: 美濃國山秀作之 Minonokuni Yamahide saku
  • Saya: Ho-wood (Attached to each knife)


松 Matsu Deba Hon Kasumi series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1564 Matsu Deba,135mm JPY29,750
#1565 Matsu Deba,150mm JPY34,000

Matsu Deba,165mm

#1567 Matsu Deba,180mm JPY39,000
#1568 Matsu Deba,195mm JPY45,250
#1569 Matsu Deba,210mm JPY50,000
#1570 Matsu Deba,225mm JPY58,750
#1571 Matsu Deba,240mm JPY68,000

松 Matsu Yanagiba Kasumi series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1572 Matsu Yanagiba,180mm JPY30,500
#1573 Matsu Yanagiba,210mm JPY33,250
#1574 Matsu Yanagiba,240mm JPY36,250
#1575 Matsu Yanagiba,270mm JPY40,000
#1576 Matsu Yanagiba,300mm JPY45,500
#1577 Matsu Yanagiba,330mm JPY51,500
#1578 Matsu Yanagiba,360mm JPY63,250

松 Matsu Usuba Kasumi series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1584 Matsu Usuba,180mm JPY37,500
#1585 Matsu Usuba,210mm JPY45,500
#1586 Matsu Usuba,225mm JPY51,750
#1587 Matsu Usuba,240mm JPY63,250

松 Matsu Kama Usuba Kasumi series

Item No. Type,Blade Size MSRP
#1588 Matsu Kama-Usuba,180mm JPY37,500
#1589 Matsu Kama-Usuba,210mm JPY45,500
#1590 Matsu Kama-Usuba,225mm JPY51,750
#1591 Matsu Kama-Usuba,240mm JPY63,250
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